Second Trimester Abortion

There are two abortion procedures used in the second trimester:

D & C: Dilation and Curettage – 15 to 22 weeks/ Cost approx. $800


  • In the second trimester a D & C procedure is typically required, which uses a curette; a long looped shaped knife that scrapes the lining, placenta, and the baby away from the uterus.
  • This procedure usually lasts 10 minutes, with a possible stay of 5 hours.

Maryland is one of the most liberal states providing abortions. In some states this method is only used up to 15 weeks, and then a D & E procedure is recommended.

Risks and side Effects:

  • Nausea, bleeding ad cramping may occur for two weeks following the procedure.
  • Infection due to retained remains of the baby and tissues, an STD, or bacteria, can cause fever, pain, abdominal tenderness, scarring, and in some cases, death.

Some symptoms you may experience:

  • Fever
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Strong smelling vaginal discharge
  • Chills
  • Severe abdominal pain

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