Kidbits Parenting Classes

Pregnancy and Parenting Skills Classes

Welcome to our KidBits Parenting program. Our hope is that you will learn things that will help you along your journey of parenthood from the start of your pregnancy, right through delivery, and the first years of parenting. We love seeing our clients’ confidence and knowledge grow throughout the program.

When you sign up for the class, a member of our staff is assigned to help with your individual situation. You’ll discuss areas of concern, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and life skills as we work with you to succeed as a parent. This could include watching DVDs and discussing the takeaways, or participating in a group class to learn more about a certain aspect of parenting, and more.

If you would like help communicating with family members, preparing for a job interview or other life skills, we have trained staff and resources for you. Tell us what you need to move forward and we will do our best to help you succeed.

Once you complete each visit and earn points, you can shop in our baby boutique for baby supplies like diapers, formula, and clothing, or save for the big items baby is going to need. When the baby’s dad comes along you earn additional points! Men and women are always welcome in our classes.

We want you to succeed and we’re here to help you take those important first steps.

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*All classes are free and confidential, like all of our services.  You will also be able to earn needed baby items by participating.  If you are interested in setting up parenting classes call us today at 410-822-3311.

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